The American GWA (Gullwing America) is a trainer very different from the others, instead of tuning some super sports of dreams like Ferrari or Lamborghini, or focusing on a certain brand, her specialization is to create modern reinterpretations of classic cars. His newest creation is the exotic Mercedes Benz of the photos, with production limited to just 2 copies, the bolide is a retelling of the legendary 55 300 SC launched by Mercedes in 1955.

mercedes gwa

Despite the classic look, the reinterpretation has nothing of the old Mercedes, on the contrary, it was built on top of a modern Mercedes SLS Roadster model 2012, the body faithful to the 300 SC is all made of aluminum. The car has handmade construction, what draws attention in the 300 SLC GWA is that it mixes the original features of the 1955 Mercedes, with some modern design features, it is exactly as if it were an updated version of the 1950 SCL from 1950, note the headlights and the front grille, in addition to the forged aluminum wheels rim 21 at the front and 22 at the rear. As in the original model, the reinterpretation has a retractable roof.

Mercedes 55 300 sl gwa

This machine already has a certain destination, the model was developed at the request of a multimillionaire collector from Eastern Europe, who paid a small fortune for his exclusive toy.

mercedes 55 300 sl gwa

Nostalgia is only on the outside, inside, there is what Mercedes has most modern, the panel, coatings and equipment, are exactly the same as the SLS AMG.

The preparer GWA, did not reveal details about the engine, but everything indicates that it is the same mechanical set of the SLS AMG, a V8 570 hp.

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