The Mercedes-Benz 300 Series was unveiled to the public at the 1951 Frankfurt Motor Show and was created specifically for the post-war US economy.

When first introduced, they were only available as a four-door sedan or cabriolet.

The 300 S Series was introduced in 1952 and brought with it some improvements, such as a huge increase in horsepower that took the engine from 115 horsepower to 150 horsepower.

The top speed was 110 mph. The curvaceous body was accentuated by a wraparound windshield and graceful defense lines. The biggest drop for these vehicles had to be the price, which was $12,500. This was very significant for a standard car costing around $1000. As a result, only 560 examples were produced over its six-year lifespan.

The 300 S was available as a coupe, roadster and cabriolet. The interior was adorned in leather; the dash was constructed of walnut chrome and finishing instruments.

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