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Years of manufacture: 1948-1971 
Price when new: £628 
Price now: £400-£20,000
Engine: 948cc 4cyl petrol, 37bhp
Top speed: 62mph

At the end of World War Two, Morris needed a new affordable car to appeal to the UK and export markets. It brought in hot-shot engineer Alec Issigonis – who also designed the Mini.

He conceived a car that would make the owner proud and was also as big inside as larger, more expensive models.

The Morris Minor was finally revealed in 1948, and it became

an instant hit. It was made available in two-door, four-door, convertible, estate, van and pick-up bodystyles, and it became the first British car to sell a million examples.

Now it’s one of the most popular classics in Britain, too.

Judge’s verdict: “The Minor is another lesson in car design from Alec Issigonis.

Some forget he was even responsible for the car, because the Mini stole the show, but its ingenuity and flexibility will forever make it a classic.” 

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