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A familiar saloon with high performance disc brakes. almost 90 mph and very good acceleration of 1,508 cc.

There is visible evidence from the large number of new Vauxhalls on the road that the revised Victor has been very well received and is selling a lot. If this practical, clean-styled Luton car is becoming popular with both family and business drivers, the high-compression, dual-carburetor, disc-brake and high-compression version - the long-awaited VX 4/90 - is just as good. interest to enthusiasts. and demanding drivers.

Fortunately. I was able to gain considerable experience from the new Vauxhalls. There was a preliminary gallop in Wales, while these promising cars were still on the secret list, a full test of a Vauxhall Victor car (Motor Sport, January 1962), a trip of over 1,200 miles in a luxury Victor salon. Mobil Economy Run and, more recently, nearly 700 miles in a VX 4/90.

There is no need to describe in detail the differences between Victor and VX 4/90, because I got into that in a special article in Motor Sport last December. Suffice it to say that the latter's most powerful engine offers considerably improved performance compared to Victor's, and the acceleration is in fact superior to the standard salon cars with a capacity of approximately 11/2 liters, except for the Fiat 1500.

Allowing a Victor salon to be slightly faster (with an axle ratio of 3.9 instead of 4.13 to 1), the performance-expressed value of the VX 4/90 for fast drivers is easily apparent. The VX 4/90 also has a 3.9 to 1 axle ratio, which is considered very high in some quarters - the gearbox ratios are such that the bottom and second are relatively low, the third and the second. too high, requiring too much gear - slow shift and pick-up at low speeds if the shift lever is neglected. It seems likely that the proprietary car wheelbase could be adopted in conjunction with the compression ratio of 9.3 to 1, twin, dd-Zenith, 711/2. (liquid) bhp VX engine, for better effect.
As it is, genuine maximums of 30; 50 and 73 mph are obtained at current indirect ratios, with a top speed of 88 mph. To match this speed, there are Lockheed servo-applied front brakes that work well (although there is some pedal movement and therefore a sense of delay) and springs that are 35% stiffer at the rear, 33% stiffer at the rear. rear. front, in conjunction with a Victor anti-roll bar that kills the roll but induces a rather tiresome jolt through the body / chassis casing and does not prevent the rear axle from contributing to this tremor and trying to compete with the steering wheel for bad roads. 

Controls are generally as in Victor and are explained in the diagram. The shift lever is a splendidly positioned short center lever that controls the fully synchronized 4-speed gearbox perfectly - the action is just a sticky tone, otherwise it would be in the VW / Porsche category. The movement through the gate is small. The VX 4/90 features a sensitive center parking brake lever and large, separate front seats upholstered in very shiny plastic leather fabric. They are very comfortable seats, as the occupants get used to the shape of the high handles, which fill the shoulders and the somewhat short length of the cushion. Whether the imitation nut trim and window fillets, which is really metal, is acceptable or objectionable, is a matter of taste.

The steering wheel carries a full horn ring that was somewhat unpredictable in action, and the lightweight steering wheel makes 31/2 turns, lock to lock, plus a little clearance. It transmits vibration rather than setback and is good, but not exceptional, with useful castor return action. Front visibility over undifferentiated wide hood is somewhat obscured by wiper blades.

The controls tend to look slack but not too drifting - the trip-zero control knob came out of my hand but was easily replaced, the daylighting lamp blink failed at the end of the test and some rattles came . below the facia. The washers seemed more interested in cleaning passersby than wetting the screen, and on a journey neither the washers nor the fierce cleaning provided a clear view, making a long night down London's North Circular Road miserable and somewhat risky. - it was probably the same as a diesel smoke product, etc., like any Vauxhall failure. The hood release lever under the handle on the nearest side was rigid and the hood needed to be opened. The external rearview mirror didn't help much in the rear view.

With these small complaints, it can be said that the VX 4/90 proved to be enjoyable to drive, being a sports hall with all the expected family amenities. The boot is too large, with the spare wheel out of the way in the outer pit. There are interior locks on the door sills, swivel anti-dazzle mats, upholstery above the facade, a wide sill ashtray, a central button-controlled ceiling lamp, and armrests on all doors , a central folding armrest on the large rear seat and a generous rear shelf.

As a safety precaution, the interior door handles move to open the doors and the test car has seat belts for the front seat occupants.

For storing miscellaneous objects, there is a large cubbyhole with a non-lockable lid, rather "small", and a shelf in front of the front passenger's knees, with support rack. In addition, each front door has a large but shallow pocket. The driver's feet rest on a rubber mat and the interior is well carpeted.

Very low window winders require just over 11/2 turns in the front, a shadow over two in the rear to open the windows; There are front lights that can be opened, rear lights fixed.

Even while driving the VX 4/90, the hard oil pressure remains at 40-50 lb / sq in and the water temperature at 19 degrees F. Unlike the Victor I I used for the Mobil Economy Run, the gauge gasoline was practically in place. The rear doors have recessed ashtrays, the instruments are AC, the speedometer is calibrated at km / h and mph, and reading at 110 mph, the tachometer reads 6,000 rpm, with a red marking of 5,500 rpm, to which the engine goes very heavily. At ease, there are trips with recorders of decimal and total distances, and the test car had a Vauxhall button radio, Lucas Ranger and Lucas Fogranger spotlights and was fitted with Firestone tires. The doors closed decisively, the self-propelled boot lid less easily. The screen is reinforced with Triplex zone.

On the road, this Vauxhall VX 4/90 is a car that, although devoid of "character", is a sensitive and spacious saloon, with a top speed of almost 90 km / h, and extremely good acceleration, which dispels the boredom of long trips. Its superior and superior gears make it a great car and the handling conforms to the high performance. The roll is well controlled for this class of vehicle, the overflying only intrudes on very fast turns and the steering and road grip is totally reassuring.

The worst feature is the very lively suspension, which sends coats and small objects flying off the shelf and seats of the bottom of the lip lip, causing a great deal of body shifting / shifting on any road other than the softest. tiring rather than uncomfortable for the occupants. This should be regretted, as this fast Vauxhall is not demanding, engine and gait noise is moderate, wind noise is low.

A weekly contemporary noted that times 0-60 and ss are fine without being exceptional for a modern 1-liter salon. I disagree and recommend the VX 4/90 acceleration made with the help of our fifth wheel electric and published in the following table, and you study them carefully. They show this car's ability to move fast, but 100 octane gasoline is not required; In the long run, I recorded 27.6 mpg useful, including general city driving, 26.48 mpg. About half a liter of oil was needed after nearly 687 miles.

To summarize, this Vauxhall VX 4/90 is usually a more attractive proposition. It's beautiful in style, with no rear fins and a neat rear lamp assembly, travels 3,000 miles between crankcase drainage and only needs four-nipple chassis grease after 20,000 miles (service book is in a pocket inside the holder as a reminder) and it's fast, very accelerator, safely locked and economical. Its worst feature revolves around a lot of shivering, but for the new price of 9273/4 pounds, including purchase tax, you will be advised to order immediately if a VX 4/90 is your type of car.

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