The Nash Statesman is a full-sized automobile that was built by Nash Motors for the 1950–1956 model years.

The Statesman was the mid-level product of Nash Motors' automobile series and was positioned below the top-line Nash Ambassador, but above the Nash Rambler.

Nash developed its post–World War II automobiles using an advanced unit-body construction with fastback aerodynamic styling under the Airflyte name, reflecting a popular styling trend in the 1950s.

The cars were available as a two- or four-door sedan.

A distinguishing feature of all Nashes are the "skirted" fenders. Although the turning circle could be compromised, the front track is narrower by nearly three inches: the front is just under 55 inches (1,397 millimeters) while the rear track is 60.5 in (1,537 mm). The base Nash 600 was renamed Nash Statesman for the 1950 model year.

The wheelbase of the Statesman was nine inches (228.6 mm) shorter than the companion Ambassador line.

This was achieved by using a shorter front "clip" (the portion of a car from the cowl forward) than was installed on the Ambassador; therefore, Statesman and Ambassador hoods along with front fenders were not interchangeable. From the cowl rearward, however, the two series' dimensions were identical.

Two-door models included Nash's exclusive "Airliner Reclining" front seat, that was optional on the four-door sedans and could be converted to form a bed.

Statesman engine designs were based on the sturdy and reliable decades-old L-head Nash Light Six engine designed in the 1920s and continuing into the 1940s in the Nash LaFayette and Nash 600, remarkable in itself for the lack of intake and exhaust manifolds. Because of the Statesman's lighter weight, high fuel efficiency was reported by owners and testers.

Nash Statesman models were offered in three sub-series—the top-line Statesman Custom and the entry-level Statesman Super and also a base fleet-only model built for commercial and institutional use.

The Statesman models, along with the Ambassador line, were the volume and profit leaders for Nash

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