The 15/60 was replaced by the Wolseley 16/60 in September 1961.

For some buyers, the most important change was the availability of Borg Warner 35 automatic transmission.

Buyers choosing the four-speed manual transmission version may have been disappointed to find that the 1961 16/60 still came without synchromesh on first gear.

By this time all-synchromesh gear-boxes were the norm for most competitor vehicles in the UK.

Viewed from the outside, the Wolseley 16/60 was differentiated from the 15/60 by the overriders on the bumpers which protruded more than on the earlier car:[4] the plastic mouldings on the rear lights were also modified along with the rear fins, now much reduced in their sharpness.

The 1600 cc Farina models mostly remained in production through to 1968. However, with no rear wheel drive Wolseley-badged replacement produced, the Wolseley 16/60 model continued to be offered for sale until early 1971.

The 16/60 models generally used the 1.6 L (1622 cc) B-Series engine. Again, the Wolseley tailed the pack at 61 hp (45 kW; 62 PS).

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