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The Singer Vogue name has been applied to two generations of motor cars from the British manufacturer Singer.

The first generation Singer Vogue I/II/III/IV models of 1961 to 1966, was a badge engineered version of the Hillman Super Minx. Introduced in July 1961, it was positioned above the Super Minx and Singer Gazelle in the Rootes Group range, and had quadruple headlights as well as a more powerful 66 bhp (49 kW; 67 PS) version of the 1,592 cc (97.1 cu in) Minx engine.

The Series II version for 1963 had front disc brakes as standard, changes to the interior, removal of the chrome bonnet strip and a change to amber front indicator lenses.

The Series III of 1964 gained six light bodywork and an increase in power to 84 bhp (63 kW; 85 PS). The final version of this generation, the Series IV was introduced at the 1965 motor show[clarification needed] and saw the engine size increased to 1,725 cc (105.3 cu in) although there was no change in power output. The first generation Vogue was offered as a four door saloon and as an estate car.

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