The 1949 models debuted at a gala at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City in June 1948, with a carousel of the new Fords complemented by a revolving demonstration of the new chassis.

The new integrated steel structure was advertised as a "lifeguard body", and even the woody wagon was steel at heart. The convertible frame had an "X member" for structural rigidity.

For consignment and your viewing pleasure, a 1949 Ford Club (Custom)Coupe. Rounded steel panels and some slight trimmings adorn this car now draped in custom Copper Metallic paint. Some snappy Cragar SS 5 spokes added on, and under the hood, a sleeping beauty if you will, that will have you smiling when you put your foot into it. A gorgeous mostly original dashed interior for you to feast your eyes on when sipping in behind the big wheel. These cars drip with cool, especially when rodded slightly and tastefully like this one has. Read on!

Wonderfully curved ripple free panels with well minded gaps are this car. Looking much like a copper bean, the car has been nosed and decked, and retains the bullet nose front grille and bumper. It shows some wear of the red paint on the nose of the numeral 8 badged bullet but maintains its shine. The fenders seamlessly sweep into the body, and it shows in the traditional 3 box design, that was the shape of things to come. Nice chrome trimmings for all the windows, a full flanking side spear just above the wheel well line, and simple oval squinting taillights mounted into their small cove created on the rear quarters. Rear bumper is good, showing some dulling, and directly below are dual chrome tips peeking out of the bottom. New door handles have been put on, and of course those snappy Cragar SS 5 spoked chromed wheels which are wrapped in blackball rubber all around, and it is well finished.

Utilizing some of the original design aspects, and chroming them (door sills, radio panel, handles) has them mix nicely with the black background of the door panels and seats. Speaking of which, they are courtesy a 1960's Thunderbird, with low back buckets upfront, and a circular curved edge bench on the rear. These are all very nice, no rips or tears, and complete with their Thunderbird badges in the back centers. The dash drips late 40's design with the interplay of chrome trimmings and back painted curved formed metal. A few circular gauges, plenty of chromed knobs and some vertical ribbed forms trimming various areas, we could be re visiting some art deco styling, but certainly geared toward the upcoming rocket age. A trio of aftermarket gauges hangs below the centrally located radio, and on the floor reaching for the headliner is a Ford top loader shift lever. Black carpet is below, and black headliner is above and all are doing just nicely in this environment.

A lift of the hood, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Chevrolet 350ci crate engine, topped with a Holley 4-barrel PERFORMANCE Carburetor. On back, a Ford 4-speed top loader transmission coupled together with a Trans-Dapt adapter to bridge the Chevy and Ford mix. A mere 3 year old dual exhaust system is strapped on.

Not much to complain about underneath, as we see plenty of black undercoating, a new fuel tank, cherry bomb exhaust, and a modern ladder frame now supporting a coil spring independent suspension in front and longitudinal semi-elliptical springs in back. The engine was moved forward to make more room in the passenger compartment and the antiquated "torque tube" was replaced by a modern drive shaft.

I'd definitely call this car a sleeper, as outside it hints at a wild side, but a turn of the key confirms it. It idles with a beautiful burble, and when you press the gas this car just becomes bright eyed and bushy tailed! Plenty of power to even chirp the tires in 3rd gear, and it just keeps on going and going. A definite top end car, I was not able to realize its full potential even on our test track, it had that much left. Slight lumbering on the curves, easy steering when moving, and it was nice and tight. Definitely a screamer with more power than you'll probably ever need, and then some. This car just gets up and goes goes goes…Very Impressive!

A snappy copper metallic, covering well rounded steel, some nosing and decking done, a new Chevy engine/Ford trans combo, and the trimmings to add just a bit of tasteful bling. Not to mention the 60's Thunderbird seats, and the dash to die for. All in its 1949 splendor but with plenty of mods on the upgrade front. A turnkey ass kicker fer sur!

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