The 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe was designed by Harley Earl's General Motors Art and Colour Section in Detroit. Known as 'Royal Clipper' styling, the new car was lower, wider, and longer than previous Chevrolet models and featured a flowing deck, restyled grille, hidden running boards, headlights recessed into the front fenders, and recessed taillights.

The design was intended to resemble General Motors' more expensive Buick models, but at an affordable price.

Chevrolet's 1941 model lineup included the Master Deluxe Series AG and the Special Deluxe Series AH. Both rested on a 116-inch wheelbase (an increase of three inches of the previous year) and were equipped with an overhead-valve, inline-6 with a 216.5 cubic-inch displacement, a Carter one-barrel carburetor, solid valve lifters, four main bearings, and delivering 90 horsepower at 3,300 PRM. The engine had received several mechanical updates included a slight compression-ratio increase to 6.5:1, new pistons, revised valves, rocker arms, an improved water pump design, and a redesigned cylinder head. The engine was mated to a three-speed synchromesh transmission with a single-plate clutch and used column gear shift controls. Braking was provided by four-wheel hydraulic brakes. The steel spoke wheels held 16x6.00 tires. The suspension was comprised of a modern independent coil-spring front setup with a semi-floating rear axle and semi-elliptical leaf springs.

With a larger wheelbase than the previous year, the new 1941 Chevrolets provided improved passenger room and comfort, with interiors delivering three additional inches of hip room.

Both the Master Deluxe and Special Deluxe shared the same basic styling, with individual nameplates distinguishing the two models. Both had model identification plates at the rear of the hood sides, but the Special Deluxe's name appeared in chrome block letters. Both had concealed hinges for the doors and hood, devoid of running boards replaced by concealed safety steps, a sloped windshield, and a new grille with similarities to the previous year.

Body styles on both models included a two-door business coupe, coupe, and town sedan. Body styles unique to the Master Deluxe included the sport sedan; body styles unique to the Special Deluxe included the cabriolet, five-passenger sport sedan, and the eight-passenger station wagon. The pricing on the Master Deluxe ranged from $715 to $800, while the prices on the Special Deluxe ranged from $770 to $1,000.

Chevrolet produced over 406,800 examples of the Master Deluxe in 1941, with the most popular body styles being the two-door town sedan priced at $755. The Special Deluxe proved more popular, with 567,951 examples built. The most popular was once again the two-door town sedan with 228,458 examples built, followed by 155,889 of the coupe, and 148,661 of the sport sedan. Next in popularity was the business coupe with 17,602 units built, followed by 15,296 of the cabriolet, and 2,045 of the station wagon. A Fleetline sedan body style, priced at $875, joined the Special Deluxe lineup in the spring. It was a close-coupled four-door sedan with seating for five-passengers and without ventipanes. Despite its late introduction, sales were positive, with 34,162 examples constructed.

Although the Master Deluxe and Special Deluxe were similar in many ways, the main differences were in the use of nicer upholstery material, additional brightwork, and more standard features on the Standard Deluxe. They had a deluxe steering wheel with horn ring, stainless steel window reveal moldings, a chrome-plated license plate lamp, stainless steel hood moldings, and armrests on the front doors.

Chevrolet advertised its engine as the 'Victory Six,' in recognition of the growing European war, conflict looming in the Pacific, and inspired by President Roosevelt's speeches referring to the United States as the 'arsenal of democracy.'

Spencer Tracy was selected as America's favorite movie star in 1941, and as part of a Chevrolet promotional contest, he was given a new 1941 Chevrolet.

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