Supercharged 6900 cm3, four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams, Supercharged, dual coil, four current distribution line, with an exhaust cutout, this engine was rated 320 horsepower engine # J467.

Truly one of, if not, the most powerful and fastest cars of its time!

The Gassoway Murphy body # 2224 features a "missing" convertible top that fits into a compartment with a lid behind the seats creating a completely smooth body line when in the down position.

There is also a two-person “buzz” seat at the rear of the car and a foldable luggage rack behind it. This car features in addition to the hi / low headlights and hood lights a pair of sunbeam travel lights that move with the car's steering.

With features like automatic lubrication of the Bijur chassis and a servo brake system with traction control to modulate the braking force to match the road conditions, it's easy to see where the expression "is a doozie" came from!

Truly the most amazing car of its time! This restoration was completed in January 2018, it's very first ride was at the Los Angeles Classic Auto Show Convention Center in March 2018, where it won the Best of Show Domestic award !!!

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