Mercedes-AMG will bid farewell to the V12 engines, reserved for high-end machines such as the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman limousine. Therefore, it is important to remember one of the most fascinating models of the brand ever equipped with a V12, the CLK GTR.

The Mercedes CLK GTR is one of the emblematic sports cars equipped with a V12 block. With a focus on performance and on-track performance, this legendary car from the 90s was developed for the 1997 FIA GT Championship and designed in just 128 days. Under the hood, the 6.0l V12 engine roared, capable of reaching 600hp of power. The result was a victory in 17 of the 22 races he played.


At the time of 98, the CLK GTR, supported by CLK LM, won all the races of the FIA GT Championship season. The dominance of Mercedes meant that no other manufacturer entered the competition in the following year in the GT1 category, forcing the FIA to change the race, eliminating this class.


Mercedes subsequently produced legal road variants. Although the number of units is not confirmed, it is estimated that at least 26 were designed, 6 of them in the convertible variant. And they also had a larger engine version - the 6.9l V12 block with the power of 612hp. Units were also made that incorporated an even more immense engine, the 7.3l V12 propellant.


These are times that do not come back, considering that the bet has been the reduction in cylinder capacity and the increase in power. I miss you.

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