Since the 1960s, Toyota has surprised and delighted people with its personal interpretation of the sports car. Many of these models have already acquired legendary status.

Shy start

Who would have thought that the Sports 800 - a small car and Toyota's first sports production - would influence Toyota's future so much? Commonly known as Yota-Hachi - "Toyota 8" in Japanese - the Sports 800 was first introduced at the 1962 Tokyo Motor Show, at the same time as the Toyota Publica concept.

Its light weight, combined with its 790 cc propulsion engine, made it a responsive and fuel-efficient car (3.8 liters per 100 km precisely), which perfectly corresponded to its creator's wishes. A Sports 800 GT Hybrid equipped with a gas turbine that powers an electric motor was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in the late 1970s ...

The Sports 800 owes its popularity in motorsport to its reliability and fuel efficiency, which earned it a third place in the Fuji 24 Hours in 1967 (just behind two Toyota 2000GTs). Motorsport will remember the 800 Sports, not only as Toyota's first sports model, but mainly as a real racing car for enthusiasts.

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