The 1931-1936 SS are the cars that marked the emergence of William Lyons' car-building company Swallow Sidecars, as an automaker in its own right, and historically significant as the direct ancestors of the first Jaguar.

Originally offered as a closed coupe in two versions, the SS I 2054cc Sixteen and the SS I 2552cc Twenty, both had engines with side valves and a suspended chassis from the Standard Motor Company.

The SS I bodies were built by Swallow for Lyons' designs.

The first models had front fenders of the cycle type, the later ones had the style "shell", but all had long hoods.

A touring convertible appeared in 1933, followed by a 2-door sedan in 1934-1935. The undifferentiated chassis featured beam axles at each end and mechanical brakes operated by cable.

The Synchromesh was added to the transmission in 1934. The 1931-1936 I SS was long, short and unmistakable - but not very fast, as the upper end was only 80 mph. Some versions had cramped cabins and small windows. But the sexy look, the interior luxury in wood and leather and the incredibly low prices were a winning formula.

The 1931-1936 SS I led directly to the SS100 produced under the renowned brand SS Jaguar.

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