Jaguar E-Type is one of the great icons in the history of motorsport, launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 by the then President and Founder of Jaguar, Sir William Lyons.

Design by Lyons Himself and Designer Malcon Sayer, successor to the legendary XKs 120, 140 & 150, the E-Type is the Sport evolution of the no less iconic D-Type, winner
consecutive of the Le Mans Trials of 1955, 1956 and 1957.

The E-Type was initially presented in the Roadster and Coupé versions, an immediate success for Público and acclaimed by the specialized press was the sensation of its decade. Even Enzo Ferrari recognized it as the most beautiful Sport GT ever produced.

But its qualities were not limited to its beauty, its performance and finish equaled and even surpassed the GTs of the time Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, and others.
And its cost was half the price of its rivals, hence its resounding commercial success.

His Slogan: “The best Value for Money for the Sport Motor Car”

Throughout the 1960s, the E-Type led sales in the American market, establishing itself during this period as the object of the tangible desire of lovers of

Sport cars. Its production line lasted from 1961 until 1975.

During that period it had the following versions:

Series I, 61/64, 3.8 L engine, 265 HP
Series I, 1/2 64/65, engine 4.2 L, 265 HP
Series II, 66/71, 4.2 L engine, 265 HP
Series III, 71/75, 5.3 L engine, 324 HP

Jaguar also produced a limited series of Series I competitions with the no less famous Light Weight E-Type competing directly with the Ferrari GTO with which it competed in the European and United States GT championships at the time. In the 1970s, trainer Bob Tullius prepared Series III V 12 for the American IMSA category.
The E-Type was the winner for some consecutive years in this category, beating the Corvettes, Ferraris and Porsches of the time, ending its production cycle in 1975 with a golden key. Over 72,000 E-Types were produced, despite the high volume of production for this category of sports cars, it is still an object of desire for any collector.

Currently E-Types already reach values above £ 300,000, values 30 times higher than the last E made in 1975, and the rarer versions of Light Weight 3.8 already reach around £ 1,000,000, even so they remain “the best value for money ”for those in love with this black sign icon.

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