Who designed it? Who ordered it? Was Mercedes-Benz involved in any way in its design? There were many questions surrounding the S600 Royale. A one-off that has been spotted frequently on the internet but about which little or nothing was known. So far…

When everything started

The S600 Royale became famous in December 2015, thanks to a Facebook post by Galpin Auto Sports - an American company dedicated to the preparation of “special” models. The published images were taken shortly afterwards, which further contributed to the mystery.

The S600 Royale would later be seen on several occasions in California (where it is registered) and in Europe, properly “captured” in videos that we have already seen on Youtube.

A one-off project
One-off projects are growing in popularity. Even at the official level, some manufacturers are profitably adhering to this business model - the best known proposals are those from Ferrari. From what we know, Mercedes-Benz has never officially adhered to this business model. Exception made, perhaps, to Maybach Exelero.

The S600 Royale is a retro look at a luxury saloon from the German brand, with clear inspiration from the W100. Looking at the interior, it appears that the new body “rests” on the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222).

But on the outside it couldn't be more different. Noteworthy are the front and rear optics from the SLS and a front grille that appears to be modeled on the W100 or W112. Like it or not, the S600 Royale at least strives to have a bearing and presence worthy of the name it bears.

The designer is revealed… by himself
Finally, we can answer some of the questions about the origin of such an intriguing model. Answers that come precisely from who designed it, having been photographed alongside its creation:

More recently, he started collaborating with… Galpin Auto Sports, precisely the company that presented the first images of the S600 Royale to the world.

In his Instagram post, Henrik Fisker also gives clues about the model's owner. Or rather, owners, since the S600 Royale appears to belong to a car club. There are countless car clubs around the planet, but launching into a project of this scale, with the contribution of its members, must be unprecedented.

There are still some questions to be answered, such as the final specifications of the model or the cost of the project. But at least we already know that the collaboration between Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports extended beyond the development of the Rocket - an extensively altered Ford Mustang - and gave rise to yet another project: the S600 Royale.


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