The Firenza is a car model offered by Vauxhall from May 1971 until 1975. It was a development of the Viva, but it had a style of coupé wagon (fastback) and only two doors. In South Africa, it was sold as the Chevrolet Firenza until it was replaced by the Chevrolet 1300/1900 during 1975. Its name is derived from Firenze, the name of the Italian city known in English as Florence.

The initial Firenza was available in a base valve model 1159 cc and two models with camshaft, in versions of 1598 cc and 1975 cc. The latter was the same engine used in the old Viva GT. About six months after its launch in December 1971, performance was boosted when the engine's capabilities were expanded to 1256 cc, 1798 cc and 2279 cc, respectively. All models had a four-cylinder engine mounted on the front that propelled the rear wheels. The suspension was a double wishbone and helical springs in the front, and a live rear axle with arms and coils on the right. The SL model in each engine size carried the highest level of finish.

Changes to the model in early 1972 included the introduction of a high-end 2300 Sport SL model (presented at the Geneva Motor Show), using the 2279 cc engine. The 2300 Sport SL was the only version to feature the seven-speed marker (speedometer, clock, rev counter, fuel, oil pressure, water temperature and battery charge). The engine was an inclined four-cylinder with a single camshaft on the head and two twin Stromberg carburetors, producing 122 hp (91 kW; 124 hp). The oversquare straight quadruple engine was renowned for its large torque curve, making the car very flexible and easy to drive. The interior was equipped with bucket seats, front and back, to carry four people. The central console with heating controls and warning lights was quite distinctive and luxurious for the time.

The 2300 Sport SL was played by the Dealer Team Vauxhall, after their successes with the Viva GT. In Castrol colors, these cars have had many successes.

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