1968 Shelby GT500-KR Convertible, Shelby 3854 - FACTORY AC, 428 cu. in. Cobra-Jet V-8 engine, C6 auto, 3:00 9" Diff. Built June 26th, 1968 this Shelby is a substantial, rare and very documented car in many publications going back to the 80s as it sits today. Original miles, original body and most interior, Date code originality authentication on major components. This car received a comprehensive refinish done in 79 by its 2nd owner, Chuck Brown in CA documented not only in photos, but many publications of that era. This was never a left for dead or done for profit car. It was not a torn up neglected car or just a VIN used to cash in. This is not a "just restored car" muscle car dealer car. It was, always was and still is a very nice example that has been loved and maintained as needed all of its life. From 1996 to 2007 it sat in a private collection here in Dallas, a friend/acquaintance and neighbor of Carrol. It became part of my collection it 2007. I showed it for many years locally and it has been featured on my web site since then. In 2016, I took off a lot of time to take the car up a level beyond its historic authentication and documentation trail it has carried all its life. From attending early SAAC events, to being cover of magazines in the 80s, even with that going for it, today's expectations are much much higher and quite over expected vs yesterdays true forgotten and often pedestal quality.

With that said, the 40 year old paint was refinished again but now at a standard demanded by its ever increasing value. All body panels (fenders, doors, hood, trunk, bumpers, etc) were removed and refinished using several of the best craftsmen I have got to know in my near 4 decades in classic cars. The fenders/doors are still original to the car and were worked to perfection in the PDR method before any primer, paint etc. Filler was not an option here. All of the AO Smith Fiberglass parts were blocked to a standard that is now expected to see in a car of this value, or on the lawn at pebble beach. All of this work was micro managed by me, and ALL of the mechanical and detail work, assembly was done by me. All poor factory gaps and body lines were taken into consideration and improved to a standard that was never there originally. The code "T" Candy Apple red was again applied back to the car, but at a now concourse level with weeks and weeks of color sanding and refining put into it. No stone was left unturned, but again, original integrity was kept in mind as I did not want to take the car apart to that "frame off" level. or in these cars, the body alone.... I could have done it of course, but it did not need that!!!! It would be a lesser car if so but again, this car has always been nice! So again this is not a "rotisserie restoration" as you see down to the tub, but a very high quality refinish that reflects the work of pebble beach wining craftsmen in its paint, and a level of mechanical and cosmetic detail that reflects my work but left with a ton of originality in the hard to find places that are never really revealed or seen or even understood without a lot of time studying these cars under your belt.

Along with the now concourse level body refinish (which is way beyond original quality), the already very nice engine compartment was comprehensively detailed to exacting details using the guidance of people like Pete Disher (Coralsnake) and Jeff Sneath at SEMO. Small things that were not on the car since the late 60s like the air injection system, etc were put back on. Little details like all of the smaller components like AC compressor, alternator, PS pump, fan, clutch were refreshed and authenticated with date coded correct parts in their correct finish driven by date coded reproduction belts, etc. The car is not a 100 point car, I don't know if one really exists, (Pete's is prob the closest thing) but this is certainly a top mark contender and with the small intricacies I still piddle with, its just getting more refined. It expect it to stand up proud in competitive judging, and as an overall package, all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed as well as one could be. Its hard to pick apart these days. Someone else's is always better... A friend of a friends uncle's car that is one day going to get restored, but he has yet to find the car.... you know the game..... but this is what it is, apologies are minimal, its real, its here.

I guess to sum this car up, I have tried to balance yesterdays forgotten true bad quality of original that was still reflected in a very well documented car with today's pedestal over expectations, all the while trying to keep originality and authentication in mind.... an almost impossible task..

In 2019 I found another set of original 68 wheels and restored them to the original look. The outlined red wheels are as you see in the 80s publications and in SAAC photos from 78. The car has 2 sets of original wheels, one with the Red insets, of which has been on the car since the 70s and kind of its identifying trait it has carried over the years, and now the purism original. Change of pace looks.. it is on the originals for the next judging's in 2020 (or 2021 due to corona).. In 2019 the car won best Shelby and ford southern Nationals, out of some 20 plus major contenders in that group, it has been invited to many other national events... I just stay close to home base.

If you see this car on any website "for sale", I am open to talking on a couple options. The price on this car will obviously be high retail, that number is floating, if you know these cars, you know that number at any given time.... Dont expect an "i got a deal" situation here, but you can insure you are buying the best 1% of these cars out there. ALSO I am open to trade talk too........ And when I say trade, it would have to be a screaming number 1 condition car like this, and valued like this. As you see I am GM-Classics.com That is what my strongpoint has been for now 38 years. So a GM car like a 67 Corvette 435 with similar credentials and history, a 67 400/AIR Corvette, a highly notable GTO Vert with 455/Air, a 59/60 Eldo Biarritz that is over the top perfect... and similar..... I am not a dealer, these are my personal cars, many I have owned since the 80s, this one I have had for over 10 years and have known it for over 20. So if you are looking for a change of pace in your collection, possibly a match can be made.... no auction "gotcha" rush, no pressure, just good car stuff!

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