The R107 and C107 took the chassis components of the mid-size Mercedes-Benz W114 model and initially coupled them to the M116 and M117 V8 engines used in the W108, W109 and W111 series.

The SL variant was a 2-seater convertible / roadster with standard hood and optional hardtop and optional folding seats for the rear seat. The derivative of the SLC (C107) was a 2-door hardtop coupe with normal rear seats. The SLC is generally called the 'SL coupe', and it was the first time that Mercedes-Benz based a coupe on a roadster SL platform instead of a salon, replacing the old 280/300 SE coupe in Mercedes Programming saloon. The SLC was replaced before the SL, with the model ending in 1981, with a much larger model, the 380 SEC and the 500SEC based on the new S-class.

Volume production of the first R107 car, the 350 SL, started in April 1971, together with the last of the W113 cars; the 350 SLC followed in October. The early 1971 350SL is very rare and was available with an optional 4-speed automatic fluid coupling gearbox. The 1971 4sp automobile, where a fast car for the day and 0-60 miles in 8 seconds. In addition, the rare 1971 cars were equipped with electronic fuel injection from Bosch. Sales in North America started in 1972, and the cars used the name 350 SL, but had a larger 4.5L V8 with 3 automatic speeds (and were renamed 450 SL for the 1973 model year); the big V8 became available in other markets with the official introduction of the 450 SL / SLC in non-US markets in March 1973. US cars sold from 1972 to 1975 used the Bosch D Jetronic fuel injection system, an old electronic engine management system.

As of July 1974, the SL and SLC could also be purchased with a 2.8L direct fuel injection 6 such as 280 SL and SLC. American models sold from 1976 to 1979 used the Bosch K Jetronic system, a fully mechanical fuel injection system. All American models used the 4.5-liter engine and were called 450 SL / SLC.

In September 1977, the 450 SLC 5.0 came on the line. This was an approval version of the big coupe, with a new five-liter aluminum V8, aluminum alloy hood and boot lid and a black rubber rear spoiler, along with a small front spoiler. The 450SLC 5.0 was produced to approve the SLC for the 1978 World Rally Championship.

Mercedes-Benz 560 SL (Japan)
From 1980, the 350, 450 and 450 SLC 5.0 models (such as the 350 and 450 SL) were discontinued in 1980 with the introduction of the SLC 380 and 500 in March 1980. At the same time, the cars received a very light makeover . ; the 3-speed automatic was replaced by a four-speed unit, returning to where the R107 started in 1971 with the 350SL (3.5lt) 4-speed automatic.


The C107 SLC had a successful rally career
The 280, 380 and 500 SLC was discontinued in 1981 with the introduction of the 380 and 500 SEC series W126 coupes. A total of 62,888 SLCs were manufactured over a period of ten years, of which only 1,636 were the 450 SLC-5.0 and 1,133 were the 500 SLC. Both models are sought after by collectors today. With the exception of the SL65 AMG Black Series, the SLC remains the only fixed-roof Mercedes-Benz coupe based on a roadster rather than a saloon.

After the discontinuation of the SLC in September 1981, the 107 series initially continued as the 280, 380 and 500 SL. At this point, V8 engines have been readjusted for greater efficiency, lost some horsepower and consumed less fuel - largely due to substantially higher (numerically lower) axle ratios that went from 3.27: 1 to 2, 47: 1 for the 380 SL and from 2.72: 1 to 2.27: 1 for the 500 SL.

Since September 1985, the 280 SL has been replaced by a new 300 SL and the 380 SL by a 420 SL; the 500 SL continued and a 560 SL was introduced for certain extra-European markets, mainly the USA, Australia and Japan.

Also in 1985, the Bosch KE Jetronic was installed. The KE Jetronic system varied from the previous mechanical system, with the introduction of a more modern engine management "computer", which controlled the idling speed, the fuel rate and the air / fuel mixture. The final car of the 18 years of the 107 series was a 500 SL painted in red, built on August 4, 1989; currently residing at the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany

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