One of the big stars.

Even though the W 29 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Special Roadster model series appears to be in the shadow of its successor with the even more imposing 540 K designation, it was one of the big stars of Pebble Beach Auto Week in summer 2018. It wasn't just in spectacular Concours d'Elegance, last Sunday, that the luxury open model, in its rare brown painting, stole the show from most other four-wheeled stars and their riders. A few days earlier, classic fans of the traditional automotive legend tour of Pebble Beach were able to see the charming luxury roadster to their hearts' content.

The Mercedes-Benz 500 K Special Roadster is over five meters long and weighs 2,350 kilograms.

Premiere at the Paris auto show in 1934.

How many of the 30 special Mercedes-Benz 500 K Roadsters are still around today, more than 80 years after their debut at the Paris car show in October 1934? Even classic Mercedes-Benz specialist Michael Plag draws a blank: “I really don't know. It certainly cannot be many. We have almost no information on how many of these vehicles still exist. "

Rare luxury sports car.

The same goes for value, as there is no real market price for a luxury sports car so rare from the pre-war period. If a Mercedes-Benz 500 K Special Roadster were to pass under the hammer at one of the auctions known today, the winning bid would certainly be more than ten million.

The maximum speed was 160 km / h. The vehicles were produced by hand and built exclusively according to the wishes of its customers. Construction time: five months.

One of the few dream cars.

In the mid-1930s, the W 29 special model series, Special Roadster, was one of the few dream cars that industrial tycoons and stars, at most, could afford. For the then 26,000 and, starting in the fall of 1935, 28,000 Reichsmarks, one could alternatively buy a luxury villa in Grunewald, Berlin. The almost 30 vehicles were manufactured with great individuality, precisely according to the wishes of each customer.

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