Timeless is a word that may come to mind, but no person in a car will ever look at the W108 and will not be able to say it was in the late 1960s or early 70s. Perhaps that is part of the aura around it. It's a car old enough to have grandchildren, but I still skied on weekends when my knees were feeling good. The W108 and W109 did not wilt, they felt as good as they did forty years ago, if you keep them. Today, I wanted to look at another car that came just before that 1970 280SE and still has that classic Mercedes, the W111 220SEb Coupe.

The 220SEb was the top of the W111 Coupe range that included Bosch fuel injection instead of two Solex carburetors found on the 220Sb. As you may have guessed, everything improved when fuel injection was added to the 2.2-liter M127. More power, better acceleration and the ability to swallow miles. This 1962 220SEb for sale in Chicago looks like it did just that. This W111 coupe is not a canned show car or museum piece. It was thoroughly appreciated.

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