The Ford Capri, one of the most emblematic European coupés, since 24 January 1969. It began to emerge as a 'Colt Project' in European studios, in response to the success that the Mustang was having on the other side of the Atlantic, and soon showed itself a success story in the Old Continent.

After several proposals and designs were analyzed in mid-1966, Ford gave the go-ahead to start the development of the project, with an initial investment of £ 20 million. In November of the following year, the designation Colt gave way to Capri, a name that came from the island off Italy and that Ford had already used in another model, Consul Capri. As for content, many were from other models of the brand, such as engines, from the 1.3-liter block (of the then new Escort MKI), to the Corsair's 2.0, passing through the 1.6 of the Cortina, where the transmissions also came from.

In the same month of 1968 production of the Ford Capri started in the Halewood factory (England), but with success that he would come to know, he also started to leave Dagenham (England), Genk (Belgium), Cologne and Saarlouis (Germany) .

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The public presentation took place on January 24, 1969, on the occasion of the Brussels Salon (Belgium). After three generations - MKI, MKII and MKIII - on December 19, 1986, the last of the Ford Capri, unit No. 1,886,647, was leaving the assembly line in Germany.

In Portugal, 4,310 Capri units were registered, with the first 115 to be imported from England in 1969. The following year production of the Ford Capri began at the Azambuja Assembly Plant, which would continue until 1976, the last year of the commercialization of the Ford. model in Portugal.

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n Portugal only variants with engines of British origin were commercialized, such as the Capri 1300, 1600, 1600GT and 3000GT. In 1973, in the facelift of the model (which would come to be known as Capríssimo among us), the camshaft engines at the top were introduced, the well-known 'Pinto' engines for the 1600, 1600GT, 2000GT and 3000GT models. In 1974 the Capri MKII with previous engines appears. It should be noted that this year it is imported into Portugal - via Germany, for the manager of Auto Neofor, then Ford Dealer in Guarda - the only Capri 2600 RS Injection, the jewel in the crown of the range.

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