The Mercedes-Benz W25 was a racing car developed and used by the Mercedes-Benz team during the 1930s.

Launched in the year 1934, its main timing would be the year after its launch, 1935, when Rudolf Caracciola, one of the main drivers of the first half of the twentieth century, won the title of the European Motorsport Championship, a competition that would become the embryo of the current Formula 1.

A variation of the W25, the W125 would still result in another Caracciola title in 1937.

The W25 was the first government-built vehicle after Mercedes received a 250,000 reichsmark investment from the German Government, and while the investment resulted in the Caracciola title, the W25 would become better known as the nickname vehicle Silver Arrows, which came to designate Mercedes and Auto Union competitors between 1934 and 1939 by the German press due to their dominance in motor racing competitions of the time.

The nickname was later revived during the years 1954 and 1955 by Mercedes's dominance of Formula 1, and again from the 1990s, after a nearly 35-year hiatus.

The reason for the silver coloration is still controversial, but the best-known version of the story, published in the memoirs of then-team leader Alfred Neubauer and pilot Manfred von Brauchitsch, was that they had the idea of removing the paint, leaving them behind. vehicles only on aluminum plates after the Mercedes-Benz W25 exceeded by one kilogram the 750 kilograms allowed by the regulations of the main competitions of the time.

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