In March 1962, Mercedes-Benz launched the exclusive two-door 300SE with M189 engine.

Like the 300 sedan, it was based on the W111 chassis, but shared Daimler's 2996 cm3 engine and the unique W112 chassis designation, efforts on the part of Mercedes to distance it from the automaker's modest W110 and W111 lines and joints to the prestigious two-door luxury sports tour W188 300S.

It was distinguished by a chrome strip and featured air suspension and a higher level of internal trim and finish. Prices were 45,000 and 48,500 for hard and soft roofs, respectively.

In the summer of 1965, Mercedes-Benz launched replacements for the W111 and W112 sedans, the W108 and the W109, respectively.


With tailfin fashion well eroded in the mid-1960s, the new design was based on the contained W111 coupe, enlarged and square.

Work on a future new chassis that would completely replace the Ponton-derived W111 / W112 and W108 / W109 was already underway. With a concept car of the first S-Class shown in 1967, Daimler refused to develop a two-door W108 / W109 vehicle, continuing the production of the aging W111 / W112 with modest changes.

The 220SE was replaced in the early autumn of 1965 by the 250SE, which featured the new 2496 cm3 M129 engine.

Producing 150 hp (112 kW) at 5500 rpm, it gave the vehicle a significant improvement in top speed, 193 km / h (188 km / h (117 mph) with automatic transmission) and 0-100 km / h (62 mph) time acceleration of 12 seconds (14 with automatic transmission).

Visible changes include new 14-inch rims, which came with new hub cabs and beautiful rings, accommodating the largest disc brakes and the new rear axle of the W108 family.

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