SSK was the last car designed for Mercedes by Ferdinand Porsche before founding its own Porsche brand.

  Structurally the vehicle is based on the older Mercedes S.

Resultado de imagem para 1928 - Mercedes-Benz SSK

The chassis was shortened by 480 millimeters allowing to reduce the weight of the car and improve maneuverability, which was statistically significant for the races in which it came to participate.

Used for day-to-day operation, the 7.1-liter R6 supercharged petrol engine with an overhead camshaft generated a maximum output of 200-300 horsepower (150-220 kW). ) and over 680 Nm of torque (depending on Setting)

Resultado de imagem para 1928 - Mercedes-Benz SSK

The Mercedes SSK reached a top speed of over 190 km / h, making it the fastest production car of its era.

The car won many races: 500 Miles from Argentina in 1929, 1929 and 1930, Cordoba Grands Prix 1931, Argentine Grand Prix 1929, British Tourist Trophy 1930, Grand Prix Irish 1931, German Grand Prix and 1931 Mille Miglia

Resultado de imagem para 1928 - Mercedes-Benz SSK

S / SS / SSK Series was nominated in 1999 to receive the Car of the Century award in 1999.


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